Disney Imagineering Competition 2015

All right and ownership to Disney Imagineering

Prompt: Create a pop-up theme park to tour the nation embodying Disney for families that can't afford to go to Disney.

We created LIFT, an immersive and interactive community-building festival. Through LIFT, we hoped to promote a culture of acceptance and genuine kindness despite differences to families across America by addressing a complex social issue in a way that is fun and accessible. The story is of two aliens on an intergalactic expedition to collect lifesaving minerals to deliver to their home planet. Unfortunately, the Crystalline Core powering their ship had begun to lost it's glow and the ship ricochets through the Milky Way, ending in a crash landing that leaves them stranded on Earth.

My role was designing and creating the centrally located Crystalline Core that emits it's energy field (projection designs) onto nearby buildings. Guests can interact with both the Crystalline Core and the building projections. Throughout the evening, the Crystalline Core changes from a cool to warm color scheme as guests complete activities within the ship fragment structures. The night culminates with a one-of-a kind light show celebration when the Crystalline Core is fully charged - the community has produced more than enough power to send the alien's home.

Event locations within each city were determined through a site analysis which considered the most prominent buildings and monuments in each city’s downtown area. Destinations were hand-picked based on their having suitable buildings for projection mapping, and open greenspace available nearby to be used as additional space for event activities and vendors.

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