Ali Benter

Experience designer, Storyteller, Doer

I'm a 3D production artist turned experience designer currently at Microsoft and living in beautiful Seattle. My deep passion is to help others and this planet. Thinking across boundaries of the digital, physical, and emotional - I naturally fell for human-centered design. Like an epic production, I enjoy riding the wave of the product lifecycle and watching story and products come to life.

  I'm a people person. I dig to unravel the radiant nature of misunderstanding, and solve from the root of the problem out. I like systems and logic. I always take a step back and reconnect the dots to move forward swiftly and strategically. Innovation from perspective is key. I thrive off fearlessly jumping in to complex problem spaces and pioneering through the ambiguity from a solid point of view. Story equips production. It’s so important to me to craft a thoughtful story and see that work come to life from end-to-end. With great design, life is more simple and I feel grateful to benefit the way people interact and live in a way they never have before.

When I'm not creating music videos or attempting to prototype the impossible, you can find me exploring near and far, jamming out to live music, watching psychological thrillers, or playing with my puppy. Nala

Let's shape the Digital Future. I am always up for chatting or collaborating with beautiful minds so feel free to contact me!

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"The only limits you have are the limits you believe." - Wayne Dyer